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Another Fatherless Male Attacks… His Own Mother!

For those who are still in denial about the consequences of having children OOW (out of wedlock), here’s another reminder as to why it is a very bad decision: DEZ BRYANT. Unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past … Continue reading

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Originally posted on loveessence:
Thandie Newton is a remarkable actress and human being.  But I have to admit that when I first laid eyes on her in a commercial for the movie “Mission: Impossible II”, I was not sure whether…

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Limit Personal Drama By Avoiding Fatherless Men

I am sure many will agree, and even more will disagree, that dating a man who was raised by a single mother is a very bad idea. Some will argue that it’s unfair to label all men raised by single … Continue reading

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Stop Playing Host to Parasites!

It’s a strange and destructive phenomena: women who value education, hard work and earning their own way through life, allowing others to live off of them like parasites. A perfect example is my cousin — we’ll call her Trina (not … Continue reading

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