Thandie Newton is a remarkable actress and human being.  But I have to admit that when I first laid eyes on her in a commercial for the movie “Mission: Impossible II”, I was not sure whether she was a black woman.  The commercial showed flashes of her and with her pale complexion, rail thin physique and bone straight hair she could have been of any race.  Later I would learn that she is mixed, the child of a Zimbabwean mother and a British father.  It is this bi-racial background that has made many of us shocked and appalled to find out that she has been successfully casted to play Olanna, the voluptuous, brown-skinned and strikingly beautiful Igbo heroine of the film adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s award winning book “Half of a Yellow Sun”.  Simultaneously, the lovely brown-skinned Anika Noni Rose will play Olanna’s unattractive dark and boyish-framed fraternal twin…

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