Another Fatherless Male Attacks… His Own Mother!

For those who are still in denial about the consequences of having children OOW (out of wedlock), here’s another reminder as to why it is a very bad decision: DEZ BRYANT.

Unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past week, you have already heard that Dez Bryant was arrested for assaulting his own mother. And as shocking as his arrest was to his fans, this despicable behavior is hardly unusual among Black males who are raised by single mothers.

Deadly examples:

  • 14 Year old Joshua Smith kills his 36-year-old, sickly, mother Tamiko Robinson with a shotgun because she wouldn’t let him join a gang. (Detroit, Michigan)
  • 16 Year old Kendall Anderson kills 37-year-old mom Rashida Anderson with a hammer for taking away Playstation.(Philadelphia, PA)
  • 16 Year old Kit Durant stabbed 35-year-old mother, Rennette Emile, to death, because she scolded him about staying out late the night before. (Miami, FL)

I have written this post for all the Black women and young girls who may be suckered into believing that raising OOW children alone is a viable alternative to marrying a quality man first, and having children later. I know there is literally a chorus of women and men pushing OOW parenting as a great idea for Black women, claiming that single parenthood is equal in position and practicality to a stable two-parent home. 🙄

The women and men who promote OOW parenting never want to discuss the limited amount of time and energy that a single working mother has to spend on a child, nor the fact that most of the stay-at-home mothers of OOW children are being financially supported by tax payers, and some women are only having children to avoid working for a living. We’re not supposed to discuss that. 

You must realize that the men who are applauding this non-sense want you to remain single and available to be their, or some other Black man’s, sperm dumpster. Also, as the sole parent, they can blame you, and BW in general, for how badly the Black children they’ve chosen to abandon turn out. The women who are already on that road, and have no plausible excuse for being there, want company. They want to be able to say, “Look at [you]! She’s a baby mama too.” They already say “White people do it too!” as if that somehow validates this foolishness.

I should probably admit right now that I despise the phrase “White people do it too”. Anytime I am in a room or vehicle with one or more AA – and there are no White people in sight, and I say that someone Black should stop doing something detrimental to their health and well-being (smoking, for example), that phrase almost ALWAYS leaves someone’s lips. My response: So what? If White people bathed in gasoline and set themselves on fire would that make it something AA should aspire to as well? I think not.

I know that there are millions of women who are already in this position, some through no fault of their own. If you are a divorcee or a widow, it should be obvious that I am not talking about you. But if you are among those promoting single parenthood, to the next generation of BW, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Despite what some like to claim, the status of a single mom who has never been married to the father of her children is in no way equal to being a single mother who is widowed or divorced.

Don’t believe me? Just ask someone who had unmarried parents and their father married someone else later on. I know a few people who grew up in this situation, and their father’s relatives did not treat them like “real family”. They were always held at arm’s length, if at all. BUT the legitimate offspring of their father’s wife were welcomed, loved and fawned over. Even the ones who bore no resemblance to anyone on either sides of their supposed gene pools. This is the reality of illegitimacy in AA culture.

It is important for AA women who are planning to have and raise children without the full support and involvement of that child’s father (which every child is due, whether their mother thinks she needs his help or not), to understand the position that they are placing themselves and their children in.

Also, and more importantly, African-American culture is extremely dysfunctional. What makes it so dysfunctional is that the male population (no matter how old) are widely considered blameless — no matter how degenerate and evil their actions, whereas the female population (no matter how young) are widely considered guilty — even when their only sin is being born with a vagina.

Bringing children, especially male children, into this type of dysfunctional anti-BW culture without a respectable, responsible and loving father is a recipe for disaster. You must also recognize that, because AA culture is extremely anti-BW, most children of Black single mother’s harbor a conscious, or subconscious, suspicion that their mother somehow ran their father off merely by being a BW.

I’m sure some will argue that the actions of Dez Bryant and the boys who murdered their mothers in cold blood are rare and unusual, which may be true. But these types of incidents are on the rise. They are rising right along with the rate of OOW births in the African-American community. A coincidence? I think not.

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10 Responses to Another Fatherless Male Attacks… His Own Mother!

  1. NicholeT says:

    It’s scary to think that a kid could do something like that to their own mother. They sound like they are crazy. There reasons for killing their mothers were sure crazy. I saw a picture of Dez bryan on a gossip site and he looks crazy to me too. Are you sure they were all OOW kids? 2 of the boys who killed their moms had a different last name. Where I live you can’t give a kid the father’s lastname unless you were married to him.

    • We live in a culture where when someone does something evil, or just wrong, we want to believe that they are mentally ill or on drugs. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. I do not believe any of the three boys who killed their mother were intoxicated or found to be mentally ill. And yes, that is a scary thought. They knew what they were doing, and they made the decision to do it.

      I don’t know whether the two with different family names were born OOW; depending on where you live, you can give your child any first and last name you want. I do know that they were all raised without the assistance of their fathers. All three fathers failed to show up even after their sons murdered their mothers.

    • over here in chicago you can give your child the dad’s last name even if you aren’t married, my cousin did.

  2. apothecary21c says:

    I’m not sure what bothers me more – the idea that anyone would kill their own mother or the lame-ass motives. I’m married, but I have never been too sure about wanting kids. Reading this did not help.

  3. Boomer babe says:

    this is REALLY SAD!! Its very very possible that these young males FATHERS dont even know they are ALIVE—to an unknown male, a kid is just a ‘shot in the dark’ at conception..this is why we have to stop and raise our daughters to not be CONCUBINES FOR NO MAN in BLACKISTAN…. years ago, many parents would call OOW by the old english name: it isnt used as much as the female dog word—since most of these c/rappers fathers never even bothered to marry their mother(this is why women/girls have to BE CAREFUL)…this fatherless phenomina isnt NEW (its just been common in the past 45 years)…its been around before…

    • I absolutely agree with you that we must raise our daughters to have a higher opinion of themselves, so that they will not buy into the lie that having OOW children is no big deal, and may even be preferable to marriage and co-parenting! There are so many older BW — who should know better, pushing this belief on young BW today, under the guise of feminism and sexual liberation. I call their agenda what it is: CRABS IN BARREL SYNDROME. I do not believe that any rational person can take an honest look at the state of fatherless Black children in America — physically, mentally and socially — and pretend that those children are better off because their mother settled for a sperm donor. It’s completely ridiculous!

      “…this fatherless phenomina isnt NEW (its just been common in the past 45 years)…”
      ~Boomer babe

      I’m surprised to hear this. I would have guessed only the last 25-30 years at most. I can honestly say that there are no fatherless/abandoned children in my immediate family, and only a few (that I know of) in my extended family. And the distant relations who did grow up with unmarried parents and an absent father are under 30 years of age.

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