If these are the people Defending Your Honor, You’d Better Hang it up NOW.

I have two notes before I get into it. 1st : This is an impromptu post and I already posted another article today called “beware of two faced Harvey”

2nd: I’m giving a disclaimer, and I HATE disclaimers. Recently a commenter who was defending feminism mentioned that Jezebel wasn’t the end all be all of feminists online. I’m am going to repeat that I usually use Jezebel in my example because they have the broadest audience and they are generally are  have the point of view that I hear and see most other feminists agreeing with.

Now let’s get into it. By Now You’ve probably heard that Quvenzhane Wallis was called a Cu** by the Onion when she went to the Academy Awards, most people were outraged.  You know I waited from any of the feminist websites to use this opportunity to show that they CARED that a NINE year old girl was viciously attacked in the media by being called such a misogynistic word. I waited and Waited and waited.  I saw posts about how Jennifer Lawrence was Awesome, I saw posts about how seth mcfarlane was a sexist douche, I saw even more posts about how Jennifer Lawerence fell. But in the Feminist Media it was strangely silent on the front of defending a little girl who had been victimized in the media.

If these are the people Defending Your Honor, You’d Better Hang it up NOW..


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