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Three things to note… 1) I said before I was writing a series but I’m deviating a bit because I write about current events that are relative to black women. So this post won’t be the post that I said I was coming out with next in the series. (I will publish later this week)

2) This is a long post. There are many things that I am going to discuss in the post. So.. just warning you.

3) This post will be labeled in three sections. Feel free to read whichever one you want first.

I.  Women have created their entire lives around ideology.  I see this all the time. Too many women are getting caught up in an ideology that almost never matches up in real life.

Case in point many people are angry that Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO has decided to get rid of jobs…

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I am an African American woman looking to connect with other African American women who are interested in reinventing a wholesome, empowering culture that feeds the minds and souls of African American women and their children.
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