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In the course of human events it becomes necessary for one group to leave that of another, despite common characteristics. Because there are expectations from said groups it becomes comes a point of contention within the lives of the first group. Because of this, it is necessary to declare not to the other groups but to themselves that they have the right to exist beyond the expectations, hopes, dreams,  beliefs of others; It becomes pertinent for said group to take a stand within themselves about what they will and won’t accept so that group may live out a fulfilling life of their own. While some may find these truths to be self-evident for others it is not. For this purpose it will be stated. … (Continue) via A Declaration of Our Own | NotYourGirlFriday.


About blackfemaleculture

I am an African American woman looking to connect with other African American women who are interested in reinventing a wholesome, empowering culture that feeds the minds and souls of African American women and their children.
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