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To All the Black Women Who Say, “I don’t need a man!”

To all the heterosexual Black women who love to shout to the whole world that they don’t need a man: Please, stop lying! Seriously, if you are a heterosexual woman who wants to have a romantic relationship with another Human … Continue reading

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If these are the people Defending Your Honor, You’d Better Hang it up NOW.

I have two notes before I get into it. 1st : This is an impromptu post and I already posted another article today called “beware of two faced Harvey” 2nd: I’m giving a disclaimer, and I HATE disclaimers. Recently a commenter … Continue reading

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‘Self-Hate’ or Power Play?

I am certain that you have all noticed that whenever another Black person wants you (if you are a Black woman) to do something, say or not say something, or pretend to feel something – such as physical attraction to … Continue reading

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The Media’s Promiscuity Hard Sell Is Destroying Our Culture

Is it just me, or does it seem like a large and vocal group of people are even more determined than ever to convince American women and young girls that female promiscuity is “natural” and preferable? These people are on … Continue reading

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