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In the course of human events it becomes necessary for one group to leave that of another, despite common characteristics. Because there are expectations from said groups it becomes comes a point of contention within the lives of the first group. Because of this, it is necessary to declare not to the other groups but to themselves that they have the right to exist beyond the expectations, hopes, dreams,  beliefs of others; It becomes pertinent for said group to take a stand within themselves about what they will and won’t accept so that group may live out a fulfilling life of their own. While some may find these truths to be self-evident for others it is not. For this purpose it will be stated. … (Continue) via A Declaration of Our Own | NotYourGirlFriday.

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Spot On Commentary On A Racist Murder By A Trio Of Angry Black Men! | LorMarie’s Place

Spot On Commentary On A Racist Murder By A Trio Of Angry Black Men! | LorMarie’s Place.

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Mixed race two-year-old boy’s collar bone broken in racist attack on a train after black passenger started hurling abuse at his mother | Mail Online

A toddler has been left with a broken collar bone after he and his mother were attacked in broad daylight because the little boy appeared to be mixed race.CCTV.jpg

The two-year-old was tipped out of his pushchair and injured when a black man started hurling racist abuse and then went for his 30-year-old mother at Highams Park railway station in east London.

Police fear the suspect was attacking the unnamed woman, who is also black, because the child had lighter coloured skin and may have been mixed race.

As the mother tried to get off the train the apparent racist grabbed her by the hair, dragging her to the ground and knocking over the pushchair, badly hurting the toddler. …

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When I saw the photo of the attacker, I knew that the “mixed race” child had a Black mother. I just knew it! I’ve seen too many BM talk crazy when they see a BW with a mixed race child to doubt it. In the HuffPost piece (which I read first) they omitted the mother’s ethnicity, which made me suspicious. Who do they think they’re kidding?!

This story makes me so angry! And it’s not just that this creature felt entitled to attack a woman — a perfect stranger — for having a child who didn’t share his skin tone, like she was his unfaithful wife or something, but that Black men like him will often behave like perfect gentlemen when they see a non-BW with a half-Black child, oohing and aahing and saying “how precious”, yet go psycho when they see a BW with a child that’s mixed with the same ethnicities!! 

I pray that the baby and his mom recover quickly, and that the police find the evil, entitled bastard who attacked them soon! People like him are why I learned to use a gun.


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How to Handle and Respond to IRR Harassers

black_woman_white_man-hands1If you are in an IRR (inter-“racial” relationship) you probably know that the majority of people you encounter do not care about your relationship. They have their own lives and problems, and you are not even a blip on their screen. In fact, most of the time, you will merely be observed with the intensity of someone under CIA surveillance. Unfortunately, the minority, who do take issue with you living your life in a way that does not benefit them directly or makes them feel some kind of way, will be obnoxiously vocal about it. These people can be strangers, friends and even your own relatives. Regardless of your familiarity with such people, there are only three ways I recommend dealing with them.

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